About Frances

photo by Nicole Emanuel Photography

Frances M Thiele BA(Hons), PhD(History), FMusicolASMC, Dip.Ed.(Secondary).

Frances Thiele is a genuine and approachable harp player and performer who merges a wealth of historical knowledge with an innate understanding of her instrument. She began studying the harp at age nine and it has remained a lifelong vocation. She has performed extensively at music festivals and other events in Australia and played with larger classical ensembles such as the Adelaide Youth Orchestra, Melbourne City Opera Company, Bendigo Orchestra and the Melbourne Harp Ensemble. Frances is a dedicated teacher with a private harp studio in Macedon, Victoria. She gives regular workshops to local harp groups and runs several student and adult ensembles. She has been actively involved in the Australian harp community as a long term committee member of the Harp Society of Victoria, whose website she continues to maintain, and was Academic Coordinator and a member of the Organizing Committee for the World Harp Congress Sydney 2014.

With high-level training in both double-action pedal and lever harp playing, Frances is a vocal advocate for the development of a separate lever harp teaching and technique pathway. With this in mind, she is constantly composing, arranging and transcribing works for lever harp to develop the available repertoire. In addition to being a musician and harp teacher, Frances is an award-winning historian with a PhD in British History from the University of Adelaide. She is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Musicology and Composition and a published author.

References to some of her music history research is available on the website academia.edu.

4 thoughts on “About Frances”

  1. Hey you down there!!! What a wonderful site. We are entered up in Sydney with Harps Australia but ship harps around to different rental pools. life is rich and full up here (we are caregivers part time for a gorgeous little Australian grandson to match our little Yankee granddaughter in NYC). He features a lot on the Harps Australia Facebook page over the last two years. I think you will hear from someone we sent your way for lessons, she is renting a harp from us, that will ship down next week..

    Miss everybody down in Victoria, but get down every couple of months to deliver harps and service the Melbourne rental pool.Weather is certainly more appealing up here in Sydney lol!

    Jacquie and Warwick
    Harps Australia


    1. Fantastic to hear from you Jacquie! Very happy to hear things are going well at Harps Australia. Also good to know we can still access rental harps down here in Victoria even though you are in Sydney now. The weather has been very interesting down here with a good cover of snow last Sunday! So beautiful! Thank you for the lesson recommendation:) Take care, Fran


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