Green Wood: Solos for Lever Harp

Well I have finally finished my first book of original pieces for lever harp! Yay! The collection is called ‘Green Wood’ and is suitable for early to advanced beginners, although the last piece in the collection is really getting up to intermediate level. I have recorded myself playing the pieces in the book and put the audio up on Soundcloud so you can hear the pieces and decide if you want to learn them. You can also hear how I play them if you aren’t sure about something in the notation. If you search under my name in Soundcloud or under ‘Frangipani Harp’ you will find the pieces. The whole collection is available as a pdf download or I can send you a hard copy. Please contact me for details. I have also put information about the book on this site under ‘Compositions’ and watch out for my next collection coming soon for intermediate level players called ‘Sentience’.

Green Wood Cover Final

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